Why An Element Of Surprise Can Make Whiplash Injuries Worse

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Have you sustained an injury when another driver crashed into the back of your car? You may not be surprised to hear that this type of accident is commonplace and can often lead to a specific type of injury. Can you claim compensation in this situation, and what do you need to do to prove your case?

Why Rear-End Accidents Are So Severe

During an accident between two cars, people in the front car often sustain injuries when they are rear-ended, while those in the culprit vehicle may get away scot-free. This is often due to that element of surprise where the occupants of the front vehicle are simply unaware of the looming impact. The driver and passengers in the rear car have time to brace and can prepare themselves during those crucial seconds.

Suffering Whiplash Injury

This may be why people in the front vehicle often suffer from whiplash injuries. This type of injury occurs when the head and neck move back and forth rapidly during the impact. It's similar in many respects to the cracking of a whip, but can take place in the blink of an eye. Whiplash injuries are painful, but the true repercussions may not become apparent for days after the incident.

Controversial Topic

There's a lot of controversy surrounding the subject of whiplash injuries, and those people who may seek to claim need to prove the case in order to receive an insurance payout. This may be because the injury is "invisible" to an extent and somewhat difficult to prove. It's unfortunate that there should be such controversy, as it can make it difficult to convince others of your condition.

Significant Injury

Nevertheless, real-world whiplash injuries are nothing to make light of. These impacts can damage tissues, discs, ligaments, muscles, nerve roots and the spinal cord itself. The after-effects can last a long time, and the sufferer may have to wear a collar to keep the neck and head in place while the body repairs itself.

Dealing With The Repercussions

Clearly, this type of injury can be upsetting and may take some time to heal. You may not be able to live your life as you would like, need to take time off work and incur other expenses.

Stating Your Claim

You need to state your case strongly and seek compensation as needed. You may need to get evidence from a healthcare provider to back up your claim, and if so, can get compensated for pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment, medical treatment and financial loss.

Working With Legal Experts

Always work with an experienced personal injury lawyer on a case like this. They'll advise you what to do and be with you at every step of the procedure.