4 Questions To Ask Your Compensation Lawyer

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Seeking compensation for an injury can be a nerve-racking experience. However, an experienced accident and personal injury lawyer can significantly ease the claims process. Below are some vital questions to ask your compensation lawyer before hiring them.

1. What Is The Possibility Of Success?

The lawyer should examine your case and determine the possibility of success. For instance, in Australia, personal injury claims cannot be made three years after the incident. On the other hand, you cannot claim compensation if you were injured when committing a crime. Besides, it would be difficult to receive compensation if you suffered the injury due to negligence. For example, take a situation where you decided to operate work equipment when drunk. If you need compensation for an assault case, the lawyer might need some background information to determine whether you were at fault.

2. Who Should Be Sued? 

Your lawyer will help you decide who to sue. Most workplaces have workers compensation insurance. As such, you should sue the insurance company if you were injured at work. There are cases where you might have to sue your employer. For example, if you acquire a long term illness due to poor working conditions or exposure to dangerous chemicals. If you were injured by an uninsured car, then you will have to claim damages from the owner.

3. What Evidence Is Required? 

Your lawyer should advise what evidence you require. For instance, if you had a workplace injury, you require medical reports, work logs, photos of the incident and salary records. You would need police and witness reports if the incident had police involvement. Evidence must be water-tight. Typically, it should prove that the other party was responsible for your injury. For example, if a machine injured you at work, it would help if you inspected to determine if the equipment was faulty.

4. How Long Will The Process Take? 

Compensation claims can be a lengthy process. Insurance companies use many tactics to push people into desperation. For instance, they may take too long to respond or give a counter offer. On the other hand, they may postpone negotiation meetings. An experienced lawyer will know how best to handle the situation and quicken the process. Further, they will determine an acceptable offer. 

Remember to inquire about the lawyer's terms and conditions. Work with a lawyer who has a no-win no-fee policy. Besides, ask what percentage of the claim the lawyer will take as payment.

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