How Can You Obtain Legal Services of a Lawyer without Money?

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Often, the people who require legal representation the most are also the ones who lack the finances to afford a lawyer. Whether you're facing a criminal charge, injured due to the fault of another party, or experiencing the likelihood of losing your kids, there are several circumstances in which the stakes are so high that you badly require legal representation even if you lack the finances to hire a lawyer. Therefore, how do you hire a lawyer with no finances?

Use court-appointed lawyers

In some circumstances, lawyers can be provided for you. This is typical in high-stake cases, particularly criminal cases. In such cases, the court agrees that you have a constitutional right to a lawyer, which is important to a fair trial. If arrested for a criminal charge, you will be advised of your right to legal representation. Court-appointed attorneys are paid by the state to defend clients with no capacity of hiring a lawyer on their own. Another area where many states provide state-funded lawyers is in child dependency cases. Particularly, it's the exception rather than the norm that you should have a right to legal representation in a civil case. However, given the magnitude of the situation in which you face the risk of losing the right to your kids, courts allow you the right to legal representation in such unique scenarios.

Contract a contingency fee arrangement

This is another means of getting legal representation without any up-front fees. With the contingency fee arrangement, your payment to the lawyer is dependent upon that lawyer getting some compensation for you. Normally, you don't pay anything at the onset. At the end of the case, if the lawyer loses, you pay nothing, but if the lawyer wins the case and gets compensation on your behalf, then the lawyer subtracts his or her legal fees as a portion of the award. As a result, people with no means of hiring a layer can obtain legal counsel through contingency arrangement. At the same time, the lawyer will be highly motivated to obtain a quick and hefty compensation in your case so that they can in return get paid handsomely, as well. Generally, this fee arrangement is only ideal in cases with significant probable payouts and somewhat short timelines that make the lawyer's ultimate reward worth the struggle of taking on the given case. Hence, auto accidents, personal injury, medical negligence, product liability, and related cases can be handled by lawyers on contingency fee bases.